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Lauren Talkington
Lauren Talkington

March 2014 


The VLP is pleased to

announce that Lauren Talkington

has been selected as our

Outstanding Law Student

Volunteer for the month of

March 2014. Lauren is a 2L

who currently participates in

the VLP’s Service Center Clinic.

She also volunteered in the

Domestic Relations and Minor

Guardianship Court clinics.  

Her professionalism, excitement

to help clients, and enthusiasm

to learn various areas of the law

in order to volunteer at several

different clinics makes Lauren

a wonderful VLP Advocate.
Lauren is from Tucson, AZ, but

moved to Flagstaff to attend

Northern Arizona University for

undergrad. She graduated with two degrees - a Bachelor of Arts in International

Affairs and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Business

Economics. During her time at NAU, Lauren was involved in several

organizations including: Omicron Delta Epsilon Economic Honor Society,

Honors Program, and Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. She was an English

teaching assistant, a Congressional Intern for Congresswoman Gabrielle

Giffords, and the state-wide director for the Associated Students of Northern

Arizona University. Before graduating, Lauren also spent a semester abroad in

France, where she attended Université de Strasbourg.
As a native Tucsonan, it was a “natural choice” for Lauren to apply to the

University of Arizona for law school. Over the course of the last two years,

Lauren has become involved with the Law Women’s Association and the

Immigration Law Student Society. She is a 2L writer for The Arizona Journal

of International and Comparative Law and will be the publication’s Senior

Article Editor for 2014-2015.   
Lauren told us that the reason why she chose to become involved with the

VLP is the practical experience that comes with volunteering at the VLP’s

clinics. She said, “In class you discuss the theory of law but in the clinics

you get to see the real-world application of the law.” According to Lauren,

the most important thing she’s learned from volunteering “is what it means

to be a lawyer and the importance of giving back to the community through

While Lauren finds it hard to have hobbies in law school, she does enjoy

reading for fun, and watching movies. Her favorite vacation destination is

London, England, and her favorite Tucson restaurant is Panda House Stir-Fry.
After graduation, Lauren would like to remain in Arizona, and has considered a

practice in business litigation.



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